Backsheets can change for better performance


The company is aimed at becoming a top manufacturer and provider of integrated PV products. Powered by technology, driven by talents, and focused on solar energy, the company covers Solar Backsheet, high efficiency cell and bifacial solar modules.

Research and innovation

To achieve the vision of a progressive technologic evolution, Filmcutter is specialized in R&D, production and sales of solar backsheet for PV modules.

Born in 2008, Filmcutter has obtained a remarkable development in the field of PET based backsheet.

On March 12th 2015, Jolywood, the Chinese leading fluoropolymer backsheet manufacturer, completed a formal acquisition of the 100% PV business of Filmcutter. The two companies complement each other in various fields including equipment, process, technology and market, realizing a good result in terms of synergy: one plus one is more than two.

Under the leadership of Jolywood, Filmcutter will increase the market potential, maintaining autonomous growth, establishing his own brands, having a greater development and working together to "serve solar energy for human life 24 hours a day."

With unique high- technology equipments and consequently our special production, Filmcutter owns annual capacity equivalent of 3GW currently. Based on the deep understanding of the important characteristics and defects of solar backsheet, the company has developed and launched a high-performance monolayer PET backsheet-MLP. Filmback MLP represents a new generation of backsheet and it is the ultimate innovative solution in terms of performance and cost reduction.

We are always focused on customer and constantly improve our products to change backsheet for better performance.

Strength of Filmcutter is

  • production flexibility based on the customer's request
  • short time of realization
  • excellent price-quality ratio
  • stable quality in time
  • accurate execution

Integrated Politics For Quality & Environment

In the World market highly inflated of competitors, be present today, as a company, means have the capacity to carve out a position, to be clearly identified and present a solid and united realty of professionalism, creativity and responsibility.

Be a company not only means remunerate the capital and generate profit, but also respect all the interested figures involved, starting from shareholders and customers, to suppliers, to environment and employees; the respect born from the recognizing of the role and the development of what is traded, namely goods, services, ideas and values. It is not only a matter of propose and sell something in the market, but it is more regarding weaving and maintaining long and profitable relationships during the years: relations are the base of our dealings and represent our essence because we are what we do.

For the companies that work in the renewable energy market, this awareness is identified with the capacity of provide product with an high technology level, at the right price and able to develop innovation for the customers, respecting the market rules and at the same time the specific legislation, as well as at low environment impact for all the life cycle of product.

The desire to consolidate an economic and environmental sustainability represents the internal driving force of the company and constitutes the guide line and the matrix present inside all the strategies and the activities to be followed in our days. The final recipients of all these activities are the customers, the interlocutor at the end, based on their satisfaction all the current and future actions will be calibrated, considering also the needs of the interested parts of environmental aspects (jurisdiction, public authorities, etc.). The benefits received by the company will be redistributed to all the employee. In this context and with this principles, Filmcutter Advanced Material, in synergy with Jolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co.,Ltd. Group, of whom is part of, aims to consolidate and increase the leadership in the backsheet photovoltaic market. The strategies to be taken in order to achieve this objective are:
1. Respect of binding and voluntary obligation subscripted in environmental aspects.
2. Management flexibility.
3. Innovation and development of new products, considering the environmental performance as an objective.
4. Continuous improvement of the products and processes and the related environmental performances.
5. Pollution prevention and environmental protection. The tools for the implementation of these strategies are a suitable and safe work place, an employment of qualified human resources, a careful control of environmental aspects and a solid sales network.