During May 24~26th, Jolywood and Filmcutter participated the 10th SNEC PV Power EXPO, the biggest exhibition in PV industry. With Filmcutter’s unique PET based backsheet-MLP, now Jolywood  group has full range of backsheet solutions for various kinds of applications. The backsheet products are: PET series, FFC series, TFB series and KFB series. Besides backsheet, Jolywood group also has made important investment in R&D and manufacturing of solar cells. Taizhou Jolywood Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016 with focus on N-type monocrystal bifacial solar cell research and manufacturing.So far about $300M was invested for 2.1GW production line and the R&D center (5600m2). The ion implantation technology is innovatively applied to N-typesolar cell production, and achieved high conversion efficiency in mass production with front-side 21.0% and back-side 19.0%.

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