China Veterrans New Energy Purchases 600MW 315W N-type Bifacial Mono Module at Average Price of 3.38 Yuan per Watt

Jolywood(Suzhou) Sunwatt Co., Ltd.(hereinafter “Jolywood”) has lately announced to confirm that Jolywood is one of the winning bidder to supply modules and relevant services for COSCO Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd.’s 800MW PV project.
The project’s bidding was consigned by China Veterrans New Energy to COSCO Shipping. Jolywood’s fully owned subsidiary Jolywood( Taizhou) solar technolody has reached an agreement with China Veterrans New Energy over purchasing 600MWp modules and equipment for the connected PV power plant. The agreement’s total worth is RMB 2 billion yuan. COSCO Shipping was known as COSCO Trading as of February 2017.
The modules purchased are 315W N-type bifacial mono modules at a unit price of RMB 3.38yuan including tax, but according to the seller’s production technology and the project’s conditions, 310W N-type bifacial mono modules and 280W mono modules won’t be deemed as a violation to the agreement.

The modules will be used in China Veterrans New Energy’s ground-mounted solar farm, distributed projects and China Tower’s communication base station PV projects in this year. China Veterrans New Energy has assessed the LCOE of bifacial mono modules, and finally preferred modules with better LCOE to the ones with the lowest bidding price.
The announcement shows that China Veterrans New Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Veterrans Capital. China Veterrans Capital was established in January 2015 as the only organization in China that provides occupational services for retired soldiers. The company is also one of state-owned investors established by central state-owned enterprises. China Veterrans Capital is committed to military-civil combined industry and serving retired soldiers, and aimed at establishing a financial service group to create investment value for occupations and enterprises of retired soldiers. China Veterrans Capital will serve military-related enterprises and soldiers both in active service and retirement as well. China Veterrans Capital explores market approaches for retired soldiers to create their own career and secure their social insurance.