President of Argentina Expects Jolywood to Cultivate Argentinian New Energy Market

On June 6th local time, president of Argentina Mauricio Macri met president of Jolywood Lin Jianwei in Casa Rosada.


Lin Jianwei of Jolywood (left) and president of Argentina Macri (right)

Argentina is the third largest electricity market in Latin America, and it is majorly consisted of water power and natural gas thermal power. To promote application of renewable energy to make up the country’s enlarging gap of energy, Argentina launched “Argentina Renewable Energy Program” in 2016. It is expected that the share of renewable energy in Argentina’s energy structure will be raised to 8%, and to 20% in 2025. Regarding PV power, in several years there will be 20-30GW capacity to be installed.

During the meeting, President Lin Jianwei introduced Jolywood’s development course in last ten years and its leading technology to president Macri. As a PV manufacturer focused on n-type bifacial cells and modules, Jolywood has been devoted itself to producing edge-cutting high-tech PV products through continuous innovation and R&D.

President Macri highly acknowledged Jolywood’s strategy on technology and development, and expected that Joywood can use its advanced technology and products to cultivate the emergent market of Argentina that has a huge potentiality for development. Meanwhile, he said the government of Argentina will support Jolywood’s investment in the country through favoring taxes, industrial policies, trading policies etc.


Lin Jianwei of Jolywood (right) and President of the Chamber Emilio Monzon (left)

On June 5th afternoon local time, President of the Chamber of the Congress of Argentina Emilio Monzon met President of Jolywood Lin Jianwei and his companions, and introduced Argentina’s sun radiance and plan to develop PV power. Mr. Monzon expressed his welcome for Jolywood to bring its global-leading technology and products to Argentina.

After the meeting, Mr. Monzon accompanied President Lin Jianwei and his companions to visit the Congress building.

In May, President Macri expressed his confidence in the future of the cooperation between Argentina and China on the Summit of “the Belt and the Road Initiative” in Beijing. He said that the two economies are complementary that Argentina has advantage in agricultural products and energy and meanwhile China’s developing experience will assist Argentina’s economy growth. At the moment, the cooperation between Argentina and China has already covered multiple sectors including railway, solar power, hydropower, and more joint projects are expected to be realized under “the Belt and the Road Initiative”.

Jolywood expects to participate in more joint projects under the “the Belt and the Road Initiative”, and bring its global-leading PV technologies and bifacial PV products to Argentina, so as to support the country’s national strategy on developing new energy and deeper cooperation in renewable energy between the two countries.